The 2014-15 Season is rapidly approaching and we are trying to get ourselves  prepared.  Our first coaches meeting will be on Wednesday, September 17th @ Nano's Mexican  Restaurant across the street from the Glendale Elementary School.  6 PM.  If you would like to help coach this season please attend.

"We are serious about Wrestling!"

About Us

Welcome to the Glendale Mat Club Wrestling Web site.  We are committed to developing a successful wrestling program.

We are currently recruiting dedicated kids that are willing to work hard to reach their full potential.  Not all kids will develop into State Champions, but they will all learn the importance of discipline and hard work.  This will carry over to everything they do in life.  

We are a Chartered Club under USA Wrestling - The National Governing Body of Amateur Wrestling.  We attend sanctioned events most weekends during the regular scheduled season and try to do fundraising and other types of get togethers throughout the year to keep the kids together and help build friendships and help better the program.


Coaching Staff:

  Randy Gallego                Bo Hill

Daniel  Hickey          Kelly Neiss

Sarah Furia              Renee Hill

Jesse Hardin      Nicole Gallego





We would like to extend a BIG Thank You to all of our 2014-15 sponsors.    They are an integral part of our program and we encourage all of you to support them whenever possible.  Without them this program couldn't  continue.

We gladly accept donations for our growing program.  All donations received from our site will be used for equipment, uniforms, club charter fees, and tournament sanctioning fees.  We do not have paid personnel on our club.  Every dime donated goes towards the kids and the improvement of our program.  Thank you very much for your donation!





2013-14 Team 

Irelynd Bodine -  00 lbs.                          Pee Wee


Gabriel Holbrook -  00 lbs.                      Pee Wee

Cooper Warmbo -  00 lbs.                                                                     Pee Wee

Michael Brenden -  00 lbs.                                                      Pee Wee

Jackson Pisan -  00 lbs.                                                                   Pee Wee

Malakye Bodine -  00 lbs.                  Bantam                    Kindergarden

Isaac Chapman -  00 lbs.                     Bantam                    Kindergarden

Ray Rico -  00 lbs.                                  Bantam                                       1st Grade

Kyus Hallstead -  00 lbs.         Bantam                                       1st Grade

Alex Neiss -  40 lbs.         Bantam                                        2nd Grade

Seth Gallego -  70 lbs.                Bantam                                           2nd Grade

Myson Short -  00 lbs.                               Bantam                            2nd Grade

James Hardin -  55 lbs.                               Bantam                             2nd Grade

Aaron Kleine -  00 lbs.                    Bantam                                       2nd Grade


Tyler Aguirre -  00 lbs.                   Intermediate                           2nd Grade

William Furia -  50 lbs.                         Intermediate                           2nd Grade

1st at North Medford Tourney

Nickolas Banning -  00 lbs.          Intermediate                       3rd Grade

Noah Hill -  50 lbs.                                     Intermediate                              3rd Grade

Tyler Ring-  00 lbs.                                    Intermediate                              3rd Grade

Tanner Ring -  00 lbs.                                 Novice                          5th Grade

William Kidwell -  00 lbs.                         Schoolboy                      7th Grade


Devin Lee -  00 lbs.                                  Schoolboy                                    8th Grade


Cameron Mitchell -  00 lbs.              Schoolboy                      8th Grade


Jessika Neiss -  00 lbs.                                 Schoolboy                             8th Grade


Beau Blossom -  00 lbs.             Cadet                           10th Grade


Ricky Esparza -   120 lbs.             Cadet                       11th Grade

2013 - 2nd at AA State Wrestling Championships